4 Benefits Of Installing Ground Mounting Your Solar Panels

Many homeowners mistakenly think that solar panels can only be mounted on rooftops. In fact, some roofs don't receive enough sun exposure to generate sufficient solar power. It might be better to ground mount your solar panels in such situations to maximize energy harnessed from the sun.

There are many different benefits of ground-mounting your solar panels. Not only is the installation process easier, but you also have more space to work with, and you can add extra equipment such as power distribution panels. If your roof isn't the best location to install solar panels, here are four benefits of ground mounting them instead.  

You can install larger panels for your premises

If you have a large outdoor space; you can easily double the surface area of solar panels exposed to the sun. You have more freedom to exploit the height and length of the solar panels in areas where nearby buildings aren't blocking sunlight. Furthermore, you can easily adjust the angle of the panels to be perpendicular to incoming sunlight, ensuring that you're harnessing as much energy as possible. Other homeowners innovatively turn their driveways, garage roofs, or backyards into solar panel farms that offset energy costs throughout the year.

Easier installation process

As you would expect, it will likely cost less to install solar panels on the ground rather than on your roof. Most homes don't automatically come ready for solar panel installation. You typically have to invest in repairs to strengthen the underlayment, fix leaks, and stabilize your tiles to sustain the weight of solar panels. But with ground mounting, you only need to install support beams for the solar panels. These are also easily removed and adjusted according to sun exposure.

Access to a wider range of solar equipment

While solar panels are the essential components of your new solar system, you also need to install additional equipment to generate adequate energy. You may need power distribution panels, battery packs, wiring, and circuits for channeling solar power. Such equipment is easier to install on the ground rather than on your roof. Maintenance is also much easier because repair personnel can easily access damaged components when necessary.

Easy compatibility with current infrastructure

Ground-mounted solar panels are also easier to incorporate with other existing infrastructure within your home. For example, they can be linked to backup generators so that your power supply is never interrupted, even during a power outage in your area.   

For more information about solar panel systems, reach out to a professional near you. 

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