Are You Ready? How To Avoid Propane Problems This Winter

Winter might not be here yet, but it will be shortly. In fact, the temperatures are already starting to dip. If you have a propane system, now's the time to get things ready for the storms ahead. Winter storms can wreak havoc on your propane system, especially if you're not prepared. Before winter arrives, read the information provided here. These tips will help you avoid problems with your propane this winter. 

Invest in an Indoor Propane Heater

Now that winter is almost here, you've got to make sure that you're ready for severe weather. You know what to expect under normal conditions, but winter weather can be unpredictable. Because of that, you need to be prepared for power outages. If your power goes out and you're unable to use your household heater, you may be tempted to bring the grill into the house, especially if it's powered by propane. That's the last thing you want to do. You should never try to use your propane grill inside your home. Outdoor grills are not designed to control CO fumes. To make sure you're prepared for winter power outages and your emergency heating needs, invest in a portable indoor propane heater. Portable indoor propane heaters have ventilation controls designed to protect against CO fumes. 

Go Beyond the Main Propane Tank

If you haven't had your main propane tank filled yet, it's time to schedule that appointment. Propane companies get booked up quickly, especially during the last few weeks of autumn. That's because everyone is getting ready for the winter. When you call to have your main tank filled, don't forget to have them fill your portable propane tanks, as well. You may need extra propane for your portable heaters. Plus, you never know when you'll want to do some winter grilling. 

Have the Propane System Inspected

If a winter storm does come through your area this year, don't just resume normal activities after the weather clears, especially if you have a propane system in your home. During the storm, stay inside where it's safe. But, once the storm passes, head outside and inspect your propane tank. Look for visible signs of damage to the tank, including the valves and the above-ground gas pipes. If you see any signs of damage or smell a propane odor in your home or around the tank, call for emergency assistance right away. Then, call your propane provider to schedule repairs.

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